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Vahid Izadifar
2017-04-12 22:25:08
IELTS Speaking test in India – March 2017 Cue Card Talk about a team project you were involved in. Please say – What was the project? – When and where did you work on it? – Who did you work with? Discussion – Where can team projects be implemented, other than professional fields? – Why is that? – Do you think team projects are possible among students? – Do you think children should do team projects? Why? – Do you think working in a team is better than working alone? Why? – What are the necessary steps to be taken while working in a team? – What benefits do team members derive from working as a team? – Do you think a team leader should be responsible for everything in a team?
fariba mozaffari
2017-04-13 01:22:02
Hi, thank you so much Teacher invited me this group.🙏🙏🙏🙏
2017-04-14 10:48:19
ببخشيد دوستان به اساتيد براي اپلاي اولين باري كه ايميل ميزنيم سابجكت رو چي بايد بزاريم؟
Atie Babaee
2017-04-14 10:50:41
2017-04-14 12:43:20
اگه اسم شخص مورد نظرتون رو ميدونين،سابجكتشو اسم همون شخص بزارين واگه نميدونين سابجكتشو اپلاى كردن برا همون مقطع بزارين
Atie Babaee
2017-04-15 08:02:38
Nasim Noori
2017-04-17 16:44:32
Vahid Izadifar
2017-04-19 09:21:44
Useful Labguage for Solution Essays 1 To express cause: 1) The reason that/ why/ for………………is that………….. One reason why children tend to bully at school is watching and experiencing too much violence on TV and in their video games. 2) In view of/ because of/ owing to/ due to (the fact that)… The educational crisis status is due to the fact that most educational systems are designed to the advantage of self-motivated students whose talents fit into the preferred standards of politicians.