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International Medical Case Presentation Group: Welcome everyone This group is a formal communication between doctors about clinical cases. Feel free to share: ▫Clinical cases ▫Medical cases ▫Surgical cases Best Wishes
2018-08-25 03:10:30
Anyone have the pdf for MSSA and MRSA
Mostafa Mohammadian
2018-08-25 04:52:54
Your welcome.
Hikmat Khan
2018-08-25 05:48:23
Hikmat Khan: Plz need contemporary Neurology series. All books of this series. Any Google drive link.
2018-08-25 18:51:55
ST. Wesal
2018-09-30 15:43:09
This tiny heart in from a 6 years old donor .. donated to a 5 years old recipient .. .. how precious life is 🌷