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Mohammad Zarrabi
2015-12-03 00:50:26
๐ŸŒŸWhite Swan
2015-12-03 01:14:43
Hi everybody,a friend of mine has asked what are the key sources which he needs to read to pass PMP exam book, Cd, test bank , etc? Any guide will be appreciated with the source names.
2015-12-03 12:20:28
Hi Morteza, is it possible to add 2of my friends to the group? They are interested to join the group and employment Cafe.
Nafiseh Rahimi
2015-12-04 14:36:48
Daryoush Mortazavi
2015-12-05 01:38:38
Armita Ziaei
2015-12-05 21:49:00
Hi guys, Thank you for inviting me to this group. Actually,i would like to have information about the stuffs that i have to bring on the table for Regulatory affairs ?should i take any exams or courier? Should i narrow it to specific industry? My courier is related to medical device. Many thanks
2015-12-06 00:18:57
Hi all A friend has a CQE primer which doesn't need anymore. If anybody interested let me know. Shaahin
Masi Basiri
2015-12-06 16:23:00
Hi Shaahin I would love to have a look at it if possible.
2015-12-06 17:11:04
Hi Masi. You may call [email protected] 416 893 3359 if still available. Because Shahrokh wanted the primer too.
Sherry Saeidi
2015-12-06 18:46:08
Hi there